Landau Sac A Moto

150, boul Marcel-Laurin, Saint-Laurent, QC H4P 2J5
Telephone: 514-331-1753

Elevating Style and Functionality in Handbags and Travel Accessories

Landau Sacamoto Inc., based in Montreal, Quebec, is a Canadian private corporation specializing in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of handbags, wallets, sport bags, and travel accessories. With a team of in-house designers, the company stays ahead of fashion trends by drawing on resources like industry magazines, fashion publications, and market research, including visits to major fashion cities and trade shows. They offer private label services, allowing organizations to expand their product lines without needing specific industry knowledge. Landau Sacamoto also provides market intelligence, logistic services for product distribution, and merchandising strategies to enhance consumer appeal and sales. Additionally, they manage corporate programs for branded promotional products.
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