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Business Book Publishing

Mastering Business Book Publishing: A Guide to Boosting Your Brand and Expertise

In a recent episode of the Podcast, "Your First Business Book", listeners were treated to an insightful conversation about the process and benefits of writing a business book. The episode featured Nina Hershberger, a marketing expert and author. They delved into various aspects of book writing for business professionals, offering valuable advice and strategies for those looking to establish their expertise and enhance their brand through authorship.

Knit Domination and Online Presence

In the realm of business, establishing a strong online presence is crucial, a concept Nina Hershberger refers to as "knit domination." This strategy involves ensuring visibility across various platforms, particularly for authors. When a business professional writes a book and it’s listed on platforms like Amazon, it significantly boosts their online footprint. The simple act of a potential client Googling the author's name can lead to a plethora of results, showcasing the author as an expert in their field. Hershberger emphasizes the importance of this visibility, suggesting that having your book readily available on websites, like Amazon, and prominently displayed on your own site, can make a powerful statement. It's not just about the content of the book, but also about the psychological impact that being a published author can have on your audience. This tactic is especially effective in reinforcing the author's credibility, regardless of their profession.

The Book Creation Process

The process of creating a business book is more accessible than many might think, according to Hershberger. She breaks down the journey into manageable steps, highlighting that there are multiple paths one can take. These include licensing content, writing the book personally, or employing a ghostwriter. The latter option can be particularly beneficial for busy professionals who may not have the time or skills to write but have valuable insights to share. A ghostwriter, like Hershberger, will conduct interviews and use existing content to craft a book that resonates with the author's voice and expertise. This process is not just about writing; it involves designing a custom book cover, formatting the content, and getting the book ready for publication. Hershberger’s approach is holistic, considering not only the creation of the book but also its potential impact and usage in marketing and brand-building.

Time Frame for Writing a Book

One of the most common questions regarding book writing is about the time it takes to go from concept to publication. Hershberger addresses this concern by introducing her concept of the "90 Day Author." She explains that, depending on the method chosen (self-writing, licensing content, or hiring a ghostwriter), the timeframe can vary significantly. However, with her approach of using a ghostwriter, the process can be efficiently completed within 90 days. This timeline covers everything from gathering and organizing content, writing, formatting, and cover design, to getting the book listed on platforms like Amazon. This swift process is particularly appealing to professionals who want to capitalize on their expertise without being bogged down by the often lengthy and complex traditional publishing process. Hershberger's method demonstrates that writing a book can be a feasible goal even for those with demanding schedules.

Importance of Printed Copies and Marketing Strategy

While the digital age has made e-books popular, Hershberger stresses the importance of having printed copies of your book. These physical copies can be used effectively in various marketing strategies, serving as tangible representations of the author's expertise and professionalism. They can be displayed in offices, used in client meetings, or given away as promotional items, adding a personal touch that digital copies can’t match. Hershberger also delves into innovative marketing strategies, like embedding QR codes in books. These codes can link to recordings, further enriching the reader's experience by adding an auditory dimension to the content. Additionally, she touches on the financial aspect of book writing. With her method, writing a book is not prohibitively expensive, making it accessible to a wider range of business professionals. This approach not only aids in establishing authority in one's field but also provides an affordable avenue for effective marketing and brand enhancement.

Hiring a Writer/Marketer for Book Writing

In the podcast, Nina Hershberger illuminates the advantages of hiring a writer and marketer for crafting a business book. This approach is particularly beneficial for professionals who possess extensive industry knowledge but lack the time or writing expertise to pen a book themselves. Hershberger, with her dual expertise as a writer and marketer, brings a unique perspective to the table. She emphasizes that a professional writer does more than just write; they weave marketing strategies into the book's fabric, ensuring that it serves as an effective tool for brand building and lead generation. This holistic approach incorporates the nuances of the author's field, their target audience, and the current market trends. The result is a book that not only articulates the author's expertise but also resonates with the intended audience, driving business growth and enhancing professional reputation.

Cost and Process of Hiring a Writer

The cost and process of hiring a writer like Nina Hershberger are critical aspects that potential authors need to understand. Hershberger breaks down the costs transparently, explaining that they can vary depending on the scope and length of the project. She also outlines the typical process, starting with an initial consultation to understand the author's goals, expertise, and target audience. This is followed by a detailed plan outlining the book's structure, key messages, and marketing strategy. Hershberger highlights that the cost includes not just the writing services but also encompasses market research, strategy development, and ongoing consultation throughout the writing process. This comprehensive service ensures that the book aligns with the author's vision and serves as a powerful marketing tool. The investment in such a service is not merely for a manuscript but for an end-to-end solution that enhances the author’s professional stature and market reach.

Starting the Process with Nina Hershberger

For those interested in starting the book-writing process with Nina Hershberger, the initial step involves reaching out to Hershberger. This initial contact is typically followed by a discovery call where Hershberger assesses the potential author's needs and discusses their vision for the book. During this call, Hershberger also explains her approach, timelines, and what the author can expect throughout the process. This initial interaction is crucial for both parties to gauge compatibility and for Hershberger to tailor her services to the author’s specific requirements. It’s a no-obligation conversation designed to provide clarity and confidence to those considering embarking on the journey of book writing with a professional writer and marketer.

Final Thoughts and Offer from Nina Hershberger

She reiterates the transformative power of a well-crafted business book, not just as a repository of knowledge but as a strategic tool for personal branding and business growth. Hershberger underscores the value that her unique combination of writing and marketing expertise brings to the table, ensuring that the book resonates with its intended audience and achieves its marketing objectives. The special offer, detailed towards the end of the podcast, provides a unique opportunity for listeners to engage with her services at a preferential rate or with added benefits. This offer is designed to encourage professionals to take that first step towards authorship, leveraging Hershberger’s expertise to enhance their professional journey. Her closing remarks focus on the empowerment and opportunities that arise from being a published author, inviting listeners to explore this avenue for their professional advancement. To get Nina's free giveaway, visit or text BOOK to 317-886-1088.