Get Bonified

Building on the success of our Canadian business website directory, Canada's fastest growing business website directory with over 3 million pageviews per year, we were looking for a new name for a directory we could extend out beyond Canada to all English speaking countries, then maybe why not, to the whole world.

We came across and loved it. Yes, we know the Latin 'bona fide' or 'bonafide' means ‘in good faith’, sincere, authentic, credible, or honest. Because people always come up with creative spelling on the internet, ‘bonified’ is already out there. We found out it is also a real word coming from bonify 'to make good'.

Just like when we started almost 25 years ago when websites were just starting to become a thing, we are now seeing an incredible new technology with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Large Language Models. We're now using ChatGPT to generate quick summaries for all of the businesses we can find a website for, their address contact information, and then categorizing them to make it easy for you to find what you're looking for.

Soon businesses will be able to add their own business website if we haven’t found it yet, or claim and customize their business listing we created. We'll also be using all sorts of new technology to analyze the reviews of businesses from across the internet so we can prioritize top rated businesses so they will be even easier to find. We’ll also be opening up our site to allow visitors to rank and rate businesses and share their experiences.

Contact us if you have any questions or ideas or if you want to get your business Bonified.