J. C. Trailers

25975 Woodbine Ave, Keswick, ON L4P 3E9
Telephone: 905-476-6572

Trailblazing Quality and Innovation in North American Trailer Manufacturing

J.C. Trailers, a prominent Canadian company established in 1965, stands as a leader in the trailer manufacturing industry in North America. With a diverse product line that includes everything from tag-along trailers to 100 TON and 13 axle units, J.C. Trailers caters to a wide range of market needs. The company is renowned for its exceptional design, quality, and workmanship, backed by over 70 years of collective experience in trailer build and design. As part of the Gin-Cor Group, J.C. Trailers continues to serve the trailer industry with a commitment to excellence, offering quality trailers to various sectors and ensuring customer satisfaction through their experienced and skilled management team.
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