Sheridan Park Public School

2280 Perran Dr, Mississauga, ON L5K 1W1
Telephone: 905-823-6520

Nurturing Tomorrow's Leaders with Excellence and Innovation in Education

Sheridan Park Public School is a dynamic educational institution offering a comprehensive range of programs and resources to foster academic excellence and personal growth in students. The school emphasizes modern learning approaches and prioritizes student well-being and mental health. It provides diverse programs including Kindergarten, Special Education, and French Immersion. The school actively involves parents through various initiatives like the Parent Involvement Committee and offers valuable online resources. With facilities for child care and a strong commitment to human rights and safe, caring school environments, Sheridan Park Public School stands as a beacon of quality education and community involvement.
Modern Learning, Academic Excellence, Student Well-being, Parent Involvement, Special Education, French Immersion, Mental Health Resources, Child Care Services, Safe School Environment, Community Engagement