Clinique Podiatrique Sorel-Tracy

205, rue Robillard, Sorel-Tracy, QC J3P 8C7
Telephone: 450-954-0536

Expert Foot Care for All Ages in Sorel-Tracy

PiedRéseau's Sorel-Tracy Podiatric Clinic, led by Dr. Mona Bourdages since 2008, offers comprehensive foot care services. Dr. Bourdages, a versatile podiatrist with a radiology license, provides personalized treatments for a diverse range of patients, including infants, adults, elderly, diabetics, and athletes. The clinic specializes in physical foot therapy, custom orthotics, and various local foot treatments. Located at 205 Rue Robillard, Sorel-Tracy, QC, the clinic ensures a warm and reassuring environment, backed by exceptional expertise and continuous professional development in podiatric medicine.
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