Gracie's Place

3113 Oceanview Dr, Queen Charlotte, BC V0T 1S0
Telephone: 250-559-4262

Embrace Serenity and Beauty at Your Island Getaway

Gracie's Place Hotel, nestled in the picturesque Queen Charlotte Village in Haida Gwaii, offers a tranquil and unique lodging experience. For over three decades, Gracie has been hosting guests, providing them with cozy accommodations that boast stunning water views and a serene atmosphere. The hotel is conveniently located near local eateries, shopping, and postal services. It's also close to the Haida Heritage Centre, offering insights into Haida Traditional Art, and within driving distance to Tow Hill's scenic sandy beaches and forest trails. Gracie's Place is ideal for travelers seeking a peaceful retreat in a remote, natural setting, with opportunities to explore local culture and nature.
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